1653 Stratford Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 9JB
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Eileen Hodges
Registered Manager

“At Southside, we’re all absolutely passionate about the care we provide. We don’t give 100% we give 110% all the time, and believe that your family is our family.”

This bright and modern, recently refurbished home specialises in care for younger adults with dementia and other mental illnesses, particularly those with challenging behaviour or those who require end of life care.

There are 11 beds, all with en-suite shower facilities which have all been furnished and decorated to a high standard.

A dedicated and passionate team of staff will treat each client in a friendly and respectful manner, conducting personal care without compromising dignity and empowering residents to make their own choices where possible. Residents are encouraged to maintain their independence as far as possible, but staff are on hand 24 hours a day to assist with all aspects of daily living.

We provide an environment which enables residents to relax and peruse recreational activities as and when they wish. Residents are assisted to enjoy the company of family and friends who are encouraged to visit often and get involved with the ‘life’ of the home.

It is our experience, that if you maintain and improve residents general health, through physical exercise, a good diet and high quality care from suitably experienced skilled staff, you can not only improve residents’ well-being but also minimise the need for drugs such as tranquillisers & sedatives. This is the philosophy which is promoted throughout all of our services.

Due to the nature of their illness some residents become physically frail and will then need a different level of care tailored to their individual needs. It is our aim to provide a home for life, as long as this remains appropriate. We have established strong links with our colleagues in the community such as district nurses and the community matron, we establish ‘joint’ working arrangements to ensure that residents receive the best possible care. This is always assessed and reviewed on a regular basis.

In order to meet their changing needs, we occasionally move residents between our 4 homes if medical professionals and their family agree that this would be in their best interest. We find this is always a positive transition as residents are already familiar with the home and the staff.

Total Residents: 11

  • Dementia
  • Working Age (Under 65)
  • Palliative
  • Nursing
  • Elderly

  • Recently Refurbished
  • Beautiful Large Garden
  • Specialist Bathing Facilities
  • Bright and Spacious Communal Area
  • Cafe
  • Conservatory
  • TV’s in Bedrooms
  • En-suite Bathrooms
  • On-site activity centre

  • Reflexology
  • Chiropody
  • Hairdressing
  • On-site Laundry
  • Activity and Events Program
  • Day Services
  • Aromatherapy

Satisfaction Surveys

The below chart has been collated using customer satisfaction data collected from residents, their families, staff and professional visitors. Each bar shows the average rate of satisfaction in each key area. The full results report is available on on request.

Caring 96%
Effective 92%
Responsive 94%
Safe 92%
Well-Led 93%
Overall Satisfaction


The staff have been very welcoming and very supportive. They put the needs of the service user first and ensure they are treated with quality care. When starting the work experience, I hadn’t expected the care home to look so well and expected the environment to be like this. The staff have been very patient with me and have allowed me to learn many new skills which will be beneficial to me. I wish to continue volunteering after my studies.

All staff are incredibly compassionate towards all residents. I have been very inspired by this as a volunteer and have learnt a lot.

As a family we are very happy with the level of care that Southside provides. Eileen, the manager, is very responsive to any issues that arise.

My husband was at a very challenging stage of his dementia when he came to live at Southside. The staff were all extremely kind and supportive enabling him to settle quickly. He is now much more happy and relaxed.

They go the extra mile to help patients feel comfortable

Files are up to date, easy to access and reflect the individual needs accordingly.

I can see that all staff have a very good understanding of the needs of each resident. Staff treat the residents with kindness and respect and are very helpful to visitors. The home was clean and tidy and Health & Safety measures appeared to be complied with. Overall an enjoyable visit.


Memory Walk 2017
16th September 2017

Our second year supporting the Alzheimer’s society raising money with their sponsored Memory Walk in Suttton Park.

Summer Fete 2017
12th August 2017

Annual Summer fete raises over £600 for the residents fund. We had a great turnout on a lovely Saturday afternoon – see some pictures from the day here.

Appointment of Area Manager
10th August 2017

After 2 years of being registered manager of Southside, Eileen Hodges has now been appointed as Area Manager of JW Care Group. Eileen will work with the Managers of all the homes to support them in continuing to deliver the highest standards of care to our residents.

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Residents Holiday 2017
3rd August 2017

Several residents from across the group enjoyed another annual holiday to Ross-on-Wye this year. This time away from the home is invaluable to those residents suffering with dementia. They can reap the benefits of fresh air, a change in scenery and the reminiscence of past holidays.

Front of House Refurbishments
25th April 2017

Visitors to The Beeches and Southside may have noticed that a lot of work is being done to improve the look of the homes and make them more welcoming and homely for the residents who live there.

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